Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The world is mine

I'm back.

My poor blog has suffered the effects of university life. And the fact that I've been far busier living my life than documenting it.

In the next few months, my entire world is about to change. April 30th, I climb on a plane and fly to Tanzania.All by myself. I cannot wait. My entire experience will be shared when I get back. I am spending 5 weeks in hospital in labour and delivery. And one week in a Masaai community.

The 23 hour flight will let me create my MASTER PLAN. For what? Raising an incredible puppy. The little creature has yet to be created. But she will be, and I will be prepared to mold and shape her into perfection. Or the closest thing to it. She is coming to me from Jenn Segal and Malinger Kennels. I will be ready when she arrives.

These two things are things I never thought I would actually be able to do.And they are about to happen. Jump in, do something crazy, cause it can happen.