Monday, May 9, 2011

Catching babies is my favourite passtime

I skipped writing for one day. It was nothing short of amazing. I delivered 4 babies- one of which was all on my own! Birth is getting to be easier and easier. Its quite neat how it feels so natural.

I was able to help 2 med students support the mamas they were working with brestfeed. Because in the UK midwives care for women and post-natal related things- they didn't have any intro to breastfeeding. The latch of the first baby was PERFECT. It was very beautiful. I was able to show them how to help a baby latch, what a poor latch is, how long to nurse for etc.

Even though aspects of care are questionable (no sterile technique, no vital sign monitoring, lots of fetal distress and mec staining) it makes me feel uneasy how extreme Western birth is. Mama's here do not come to OG until they are 4 cm dilated. They birth altogether in one room without partitions and are up getting dressed themselves within 5 minutes (no husband, mother, or sister around to help)of delivering the placenta. They are so strong. I like how it isn't a big show like at home. Its part of life.

Today, my first birth was done all on my own. I performed an episiotomy-not well- but Sister Bakari helped to fix it. I also sutured the cut on my own. I need to practice tying the first stitch.

Babies were popping out everywhere. In total, I was in on 5 deliveries. 2 were independent. The 2nd episiotomy I did and was going to repair w as very complicated. There was extensive internal tearing and a midline tear in addition to the lateral episiotomy. Another nurse took over for the suturing.

One birth had a nucal cord and some difficulty delivering the shoulders. I w asn't sure if she was alive. She was so blue and limp. After a lot of stimulation she began to make some noises. She was taken to be suctioned (very weak machine) and to be given oxygen. She began to cry once she was turned upside down and rubbed vigorously. Once she was taken up to the Post Natal ward she was very quiet and groggy. It was the Mama's first baby.

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