Monday, May 9, 2011

Jambo, Mt. Meru Hospital

It didn't scare me away from birth. I upset or really disturbed by their practices. It is what it is, a baby is born, and the world continues to turn. Just the way I like it.

Sister Shao is a wonderful teacher. She is very kind and direct.

In total, I helped deliver 4 babies on my first day. In the span of about 3 hours I doubled the number of births I had seen at home.

During the first birth I fainted. Between the heat, smell, sights, nerves and watching an episiotomy performed with dull scissors, I apparently couldn't handle it. A few nurses helped me up. I caught my bearings in another room and jumped right back i n. I made it in time to remove the placenta. It is not checked to ensure it is all intact or damaged.

The mtotos (babies) are wrapped in congas brought by the mama. They match the ones the mamas have. I'm already mastering swaddling with congas. They are so much cooler than regular old receiving blankets. Nice women would stop me to critique my wrapping. My own babies will be wrapped in congas.

I was able to suture a small posterior vaginal tear. It was nerve wracking. The mama had no freezing! Sr. Shao is a good teacher- she coached me. I also helped this mama deliver her baby.

The last baby was delivered with an episiotomy-I noticed a small anterior tear happening and the cord around the baby's neck. It was tightly wrapped around 3 times. He was attempting to breath spontaneously, then stopped. We were able to stimulate him to cry.

Another thing I noticed was that the majority of amniotic fluid was stained with meconium. Something that would be an emergency at home was just a normal occurrence here.

All blood p ressures are recorded at 120/70 (no BP cuff on the ward), APGARS are 9-10 (even if the baby is almost blue and limp). That bit will take some getting used to.

I love it here already.

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