Monday, May 30, 2011

PV exams? Hakuna matata.

May 18th-

Whoops- I've sort of failed at journaling.

Back on the 12th..

I helped the Korean intern with some admissions. I copied antenatal cards to hospital charts and watched her techniques. She always warmed her hands before touching a Mama's belly.

One woman came in with a BP of 220/140 and had 2 previous IUFD due to pregnancy induced hypertension. She was given magnesium sulfate , other medications and sent to antenatal for monitoring.

Sister Shao also helped me complete my first vaginal exam (PV)! It wasn't overly difficult, minus my short fingers. I even accurately estimated the cervix dilation.In total, I helped deliver 5 babies - 33 in total now.

That night we enjoyed another DELICIOUS BBQ (the most amazing beef I've ever had). Steph, Kate and I ended up going to Via Via- we had a blast. There was excellent people watching. The Alex look-a-like was scary (later to be known and loved as "Dancing Man")! There was also an Indiana Jones.

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