Monday, May 30, 2011

Who needs expensive Baby Bjorn's when I've got a konga...

May 11-

It was POURING RAIN this morning. We took a taxi to placement- the road was way too muddy.

Placement was quiet today. We had 2 births very close together- I conducted one on my own and the other one I assisted with. We didn't have another until hours later.

It was also a somber day in OG, as one of the nurse's died this morning. She was young and well liked. She was found unconscious in her shower- a suspected ectopic pregnancy.

We finished the day at the orphanage. I LOVE all of the children. When I offered to hold baby Dayo so the little girl could go and play, she insisted I tie him to m y back. One of my goals for this trip crossed off my list. I will never buy an insanely expensive baby sling now that I know how to tie a konga instead. Kailey is getting one for sure.

I can only hope my heart is as big and open as Babu's is when I grow old. He is an elderly man, who along with his wife care for these 20 children. I really hope my home will be filled with so many beautiful children needing love one day.

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